Second Beauty Secret Sdn Bhd
No 7 Jalan 3/116D,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
Jalan Kuchai Lama,58200 K. Lumpur

03-7987 7668/7669

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About Us

The Company


SBS was established in June, 2010 with its headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An epitome corporation with “SBS” as its core brand philosophy and “Cell Cosmetology” as its core healthcare concept, aspiring to furnish a beauty career platform to the public. Now, SBS has successfully established a stronghold in more than 100 outlets located throughout Malaysia. With its distinctive holistic business and service scope, quality product series, a fair and reasonable marketing plan, good corporate image and excellent brand; SBS is all set to take over world markets in South East Asia, Asia, Europe and America within 5 years; to develop into an international corporation with dominant sustainable operation hand-in-hand with its business associates. Together we shall create an extra ordinary life!

World’s Leading Direct Selling Corporation


SBS is actively promoting its core brand “SBS” and advocating the SBS “Cell Cosmetology” healthcare philosophy; comprehensively promoting the new concept of healthy, beauty, longevity and prosperity from the inside out.
It is bound to become one of the leading corporations in the international direct sales industry, to construct a borderless career platform, a dominant and sustainable corporation, aspiring to create a healthy life, beauty, longevity and prosperity.

Tibet ZangKe Corporation


Distinctive Research Resources

Situated in the capital Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous region, Tibet ZangKe Corporation specializes in the agricultural development of Hulless Barley with eco-friendly and organic means so as to conserve the ecology of the snow mountains. It has the biggest plantation base for Hulless Barley in the world. In strategic collaboration with numerous national research centres and professional bodies, Tibet ZangKe Corporation plunged full-fletched into marketing-oriented, capital-intensive organic farming supported by bio-tech; rolling production, supply and R&D into one single chain all centred around Hulless Barley.

  • The largest Hulless Barley food processing corporation in Tibet
  • A world leading integrated corporation specialized in the research and development of Tibetan ecology
  • An influential conglomerate in China, leading in cultivation, research, development and promotion of Hulless Barley and Tibetan herbs.

Creating the World’s No. 1 Healthcare Enterprise


As strategic business associates, SB Secret and Tibet ZangKe Corporation work together to develop Hulless Barley series of products. SB Secret has been appointed as the promotion partner of Hulless Barley resources for Tibet ZangKe Corporation. Tibet ZangKe Corporation’s Hulless Barley cultivation base “Qinghai-Tibet 320” is the cultivation base for SB Secret’s Hulless Barley healthcare products. This synergy will make both companies a South-East Asia and Asia, or even a world leader in Hulless Barley healthcare business!

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