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Detox & Feel Refreshed


Modern society generally suffers from digestive and intestinal disorders due to a lack of daily routine, unhealthy diets and lifestyles. These minor ailments will cause grave harm to the body in the long run. SYN BIOTICS DRINK combines probiotics and prebiotics to effectively promote regular bowel movement, detoxify and maintain gut health. It contains the “father of all food” – alfalfa, which has 10 times more nutrients than ordinary plants. Alfalfa can increase amino acids, minerals and enzymes in the human body to help digestion. Clean intestines not only prevent constipation, but also enhance the body’s absorption of nutrients for a refreshing feeling and rosy glow.


现代人因为不规律作息、不健康的饮食习惯和生活方式,普遍患有消化系统和肠道疾病。这些小病小痛长期下来,会对人体造成极大的伤害。SYN BIOTICS DRINK 结合益生菌和益生元,有效促进肠道蠕动,并有助于清肠排毒,保持肠道健康。其中所含的 “食物之父” 苜蓿,营养成分是普通植物的 10 倍,能够增加人体氨基酸、矿物质和酶来帮助消化。干净的肠道,不仅能防止便秘,还能增进人体对营养的吸收,使人精力充沛、气色红润。

All-round Beauty & Wellness


When wrinkles begin to grow its gnarled branches, is youth gone forever? BIO COLLA DRINK can restore skin firmness and elasticity, prevent hair loss; strengthen nails, bones, joints and reactivate brain function. Based on advanced Korean technology and made from natural plants, it is pure plant collagen and is vegetarian-friendly. Main ingredients include premium white fungus, premium soy extract and aloe vera, which can deeply hydrate and repair the body’s connective tissues to restore youthfulness and vitality.


当皱纹在脸上如秃枝生长,青春真的就一去不复返了吗?BIO COLLA DRINK 既能让肌肤恢复紧致弹性,也能防止脱发,强化指甲、骨骼和关节,甚至重新激活脑部功能。根据韩国先进技术, 由天然植物提炼而成,它属于纯植物胶原蛋白,是素食者之友。主要成分包含高级银耳、上等大豆精华和芦荟,能深度滋润并修复人体的结缔组织,让人恢复年轻的面貌和活力