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About SBS


Our Story

Founded in June 2010, Second Beauty Secret (SBS) started with a dream to help people everywhere achieve a healthy lifestyle while building a lifelong career. We believe everyone can regain youth, beauty, health and confidence if they are given a second chance. SBS is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur but our real base is in the hearts of those who want the best out of life.

The SBS brand is built on the core concept of “Cell Cosmetology”, which is to give our bodily cells a total “facelift” that results in rejuvenation and vitality. We believe that cells as the basic units of life are the key to true wellness that radiates from the within.

Technology and natural ingredients play a big part in the research and development of our products. We want to create health foods that can truly support and improve overall wellbeing without putting a strain on the human body.

Our Vision

At SBS, our vision is to empower everyone with the second chance to relive and redefine beauty; helping them to regain youth, beauty, health and confidence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to formulate more solutions through cross continent intensive research and development, aiming to bring consumers the most effective products capable of boosting both health and beauty.



Over the years, our line of high quality wellness products has garnered good reputation. Our bestselling products have gone through shortages due to high demands. Positive feedback from members and clients has pushed us to continue developing products that we are proud of.

Today, our dream has become reality. Many have benefitted from our products and rewarding programmes. We will continue to make these benefits more accessible to the public so more people are empowered to take charge of their lives.



Distinctive Research Resources

Situated in the capital of Tibet Autonomous region, Lhasa; Tibet ZangKe Corporation specialises in the agricultural development of Hulless Barley with eco-friendly and organic means so as to conserve the ecology of the snow mountains. It has the biggest plantation base for Hulless Barley in the world. In strategic collaboration with numerous national research centres and professional bodies, Tibet ZangKe Corporation plunged full-fletched into marketing-oriented, capital-intensive organic farming supported by bio-tech; rolling production, supply and R&D into one single chain all centred around Hulless Barley.

  1. The largest Hulless Barley food processing corporation in Tibet.
  2. A world leading integrated corporation specialised in the research and development of Tibetan ecology.
  3. An influential. conglomerate in China, leading in cultivation, research, development and promotion of Hulless Barley and Tibetan herbs.



As strategic business associates, SBS and Tibet ZangKe Corporation work together to develop Hulless Barley series of products. SBS has been appointed as the promotion partner of Hulless Barley resources for Tibet ZangKe Corporation. Tibet ZangKe Corporation’s Hulless Barley cultivation base “Qinghai-Tibet 320” is the cultivation base for SBS’ Hulless Barley wellness products. This synergy will drive both companies in becoming a world leader in Hulless Barley wellness.

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