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With SBS, Beauty is Never a Luxury But a Right.

Introducing P. Luminous Cleansing Milk, a secret formula with SBS Criste Samphire CIC-II.

  1. Cleans in One Wash

    Stubborn cosmetic can be tedious to remove. Often we will apply harsh wash till harmful to our skin. Say this no more with SB Secret P. Luminous Cleansing Milk. A gently wash will effective remove all cosmetic.

  2. Hydrates & Refreshes

    Effortless remove makeup, oil and dirt, Start get your skin moisture and instantly feeling fresh right after cleansing.

  3. Protects & Revitalises Skin

    Healthy skin start from removing clogged pores. Let your skin rest and revitalizing to heal naturally. 

P. Luminous

P. Luminous Cleansing Milk

Removes makeup residue and impurities caused by pollution particles in the air. The smooth cleansing milk seeps deep into our pores to soak up dirt and grime, while it soothes and revitalises the skin.

The refreshing feeling of thoroughly clean skin is simply unbeatable – it will easily become a daily essential without you realising it. P. Luminous Cleansing Milk is formulated to protect your skin, keeping it hydrated even after a long day.

Clean Skin Without the Itch

Unique 3-in-one formula acts as cleansing foam, cleansing milk and makeup remover, providing hydration and nourishment to the skin, as well as retaining the skin’s natural moisture, while keeping it soft and smooth.


Cleansing Foam

P. Luminous Cleansing Milk effectively removes makeup, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other pollutants from facial skin. Helps to unclog pores and prevent common skin conditions such as acne.



Cleansing Milk

P. Luminous Cleansing Milk is made of a blend of emollients and water that can easily break down makeup, dirt, sweat and oils while keeping skin soft, hydrated and beautiful.


Makeup Remover

The essential step in removing makeup to ensure proper cleansing, helping to prevent clogged pores, pimples and breakouts.

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