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Bio Colla Drink


SBS Bio Colla Drink

All-round Beauty & Wellness

SBS Bio Colla Drink keeps skin youthful, prevents hair loss, rejuvenates brain, strengthens nails, bones and joints by aiding collagen structure rebuilding. Made from natural plant ingredients based on advanced South Korean formula, it is a vegetarian-friendly alternative to animal-based collagen products. The light gel texture is nourishing and pleasing to the taste. Take it daily in the morning and evening for all-round beauty and wellness that last!



SBS Bio Colla Drink 可帮助胶原蛋白重建,使皮肤保持年轻、防止脱发、让大脑恢复活力,令指甲、骨骼和关节更强韧。采用韩国先进配方和天然植物成分制成,素食者可安心食用,这也是 Bio Colla Drink 和其他动物性胶原蛋白产品的明显差别。它的清爽凝胶质地不仅滋养,口味也很清新。每天早晨和傍晚服用,能让您保持美丽和健康!


100 in stock



* Each box contains 18 sachets x 20g


  • Firm, radiant & supple skin
  • Strong, healthy nails
  • Maintains luscious hair & prevents hair loss
  • Repairs cartilage, strengthens bones & joints
  • Protects cornea, brightens the eyes
  • Improves brain function through cellular renewal
  • Overall rejuvenation

Main Ingredients

  • Premium White Fungus (Tremella Fuciformis): It is a plant collagen rich in natural gum that promotes metabolism, improves immune functions and achieves flawless skin with long-term consumption.
  • Premium Soybean Essence: Promotes growth hormone secretion in the body to restore healthy metabolism functions.
  • Aloe Vera: Nourishes, moisturises and brightens skin. Has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents cell ageing.

Directions for Use

Take 2 sachets daily. Drink straight from sachet before meal every morning and evening. Refrain from drinking coffee within an hour of consumption. Drink plenty of water.


* 每盒 18 包 x 20 克


  • 养成紧致、透亮、弹力肌
  • 维持强韧及健康的指甲
  • 保持秀发靓丽,防止脱发
  • 修复软骨,强化骨骼和关节
  • 保护眼角膜,使目光明亮有神
  • 通过细胞更新改善大脑功能
  • 全面恢复活力


  • 高级银耳: 它是富含天然胶质的植物胶原蛋白,长期食用可促进新陈代谢、改善免疫功能、以及拥有完美无瑕肌。
  • 上等大豆精华: 促进人体生长激素分泌,恢复健康代谢功能。
  • 芦荟: 滋养、滋润、提亮肌肤。具有抗炎特性,可防止细胞老化。


每天服用 2 包,早晚饭前撕开包装直接饮用。食用后一小时内尽量不喝咖啡,多喝水。